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header photo: Jeanine Schot – Schots en scheef fotografie

The magic that is life pulsates through us all in beautiful rhythms…

…It is time to step into the circle and weave the web. We have to build bridges between worlds. It is time to reconnect with our planet and heartbeat, dance together as an earth-community.

Widdershinsdance is magically deepening. It is pulsating with the earth and the rhythms of life. Through our movements we form a web along which our heartbeat can travel. We dance the structure of a circle. We cleanse our space, make room for the elements, we twine …

Deosil Scylla is the group of women from which Widdershinsdance took shape in this world. We are dedicated,  enthusiastic weavers of dance.

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We do workshops for people who have an imaginative, open attitude. Super cozy at a festival or celebration but mostly, as mentioned before, magically deepening.

Would you like to experience Widdershinsdance?

Beltane… What to do when you do not have a maypole to dance around?  We will show you:

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Happy International Women’s Day. Weave love!
Music: Shum by Go-A

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E lvira van Bochove and Widdershinsdance

Elvira van Bochove is the founder of Deosil Scylla. She gave the name  “Widdershinsdance” to her ever ongoing path of connecting movement, nature and visualization.

Her purpose is to show how to experience the magical rhythms that run through our lives.

About Elvira:  Movement as a tool for working magic   click here