Elvira van Bochove

Gestures and dance are important components in creating spiritually. 

Elvira is the founder of Deosil Scylla. She gave the name  “Widdershinsdance” to her ever ongoing path of connecting movement, nature and visualization.

Movement as a tool for working magic

Her interest in the magical potency of movement started while she was still at artschool during the early nineties. Her explorations in witchcraft and paganism inevitably got integrated in her artpractice. She was influenced by ancient lore but also contemporary ways to explore the magic world. 

Around the start of the millenium Elvira’s unique way of using vizualistion in learning bodymovements led her to teaching egyptian dance, and eventually opening her school of dance.

Next to teaching bellydance and tribal improv, she also created her space to experiment. Women with interests in ritual dance, in worldmusic, in celebrating the festivals and in dancing with nature stepped into her unfolding path. She named it “Widdershinsdance” and their journey started.

Check out Elvira’s artworks to find out more : elviravanbochove.nl


The most exhillerating journey to be on…

Her purpose is to show how to experience the magical rhythms that run through our lives.