…It is time to step into the circle and weave the web. We have to build bridges between worlds. It is time to reconnect with our planet and heartbeat, dance together as an earth-community.

The circle is the most important ingredient of Widdershinsdance. Since the beginning of human existence, circledance has been a way to experience connection and to portray the rhythms of life.

Thursday training: new series start from 19 januari 2023

New lessons with Elvira van Bochove start on 19 january 2023.

Dance is one of the most powerful tools for creating magical connections. By dancing together and making circles you can quickly get out of your limited unit. New paths open up.

Huge bonus: Dancing outside in any season of the year is super vitalizing. As you train more often, your body allows more and more dance energy and you will be able to work with it easily. Your physical condition increases, you get more stamina and strength.

Widdershinsdance lets you experience the connection between each other and our planet, and weave new connections. Are you called to weave? Send Elvira an email .

The training sessions are continuous, but in series of 5 evenings. Because we dance outside, we have to be flexible in the planning. Weather conditions can cause an evening to be postponed to another week.


Magical circledance – connect with our planet and heartbeat
Thursdays 19.30 – 20.45

In this training you will learn to create a circle through movement, and strengthen the connection between yourself, the earth and each other. You train your use of visualization, and your body allows more and more dance energy.
We dance outdoors, this requires some flexibility in the planning. There are 5 evenings indicated, but weather conditions can ensure that an evening is moved to another week.


50,- per course of 5 evenings 

If you want to participate, mail to info@elviravanbochove.nl 

Saturdaymornings 10.00 – 11.15

Advanced widdershinsdance training.
New series starts on 28 januari.

50,- per course of 5 mornings

Please bring your own wand if possible 🙂

Deosil Scylla Training
Tuesdays 19.30 – 21.00

Deosil Scylla is the group of women from which Widdershinsdance took shape in this world. We are dedicated,  enthusiastic weavers of dance.

Bring your wand and broom.