Magische dans

Deosil – Met de zon/ klok mee, het rechter pad
Widdershins – Tegen de zon/klok in, het linker pad

Widdershinsdance is verbeeldende rituele dans. Het doel is samendans en viering. Een constant experiment om verbinding tussen alles te ervaren.

Wij geven workshops voor mensen met een fantasierijke, open houding.
Supergezellig op een festival of jaarfeest, maar ook magisch verdiepend. We dansen met natuurthema’s, zoals bijvoorbeeld de seizoenen, planeten, het Noorderlicht en de elementen..

Workshop "Elementen" tijdens Heksia 2020 PreHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven

The magic that is life pulsates through us all in beautiful rhythms…

. Widdershinsdance is magically deepening. It is pulsating with the earth and the rhythms of life. Through our movements we form a web along which our heartbeat can travel. We dance the structure of a circle. We cleanse our space, make room for the elements, we twine …

E lvira van Bochove and Widdershinsdance

Elvira van Bochove is the founder of Deosil Scylla. She gave the name¬† “Widdershinsdance” to her ever ongoing path of connecting movement, nature and visualization.

Movement as a tool for working magic
Elvira’s interest in the magical potency of movement started while she was still at artschool during the early nineties. Her explorations in witchcraft and paganism inevitably got intergrated in her contemporary artwork. Weaving anient lore into¬†

Around the start of the millenium Elvira’s unique way of using vizualistion in learning bodymovements led her to teaching egyptian dance, and eventually opening her school of dance. Next to teaching bellydance, she also created her space to experiment. Women with interests in ritual dance, in worldmusic, in celebrating the festivals and in dancing with nature stepped into her unfolding path. She named it “Widdershinsdance” and their journey started.

Deosil Scylla
Next to an incredible amount of fun, the growing knowledge through practical experience makes it the most exhillerating journey to be on..

Her purpose is to show how to experience the magical rhythms that run through our lives.

In theory, many traditions acknowledge gestures and dance as important components in creating spiritually. In practice, its potential is hardly ever developed.